Yoga / Music Therapy

Nada Yoga Music Therapy
(The yogic science of sound and meditation)

Nada Yoga means "union through sound," the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. Meditation on sound is one universal path to Self Realization. Humans in ancient societies used music and sound as a means to attain spiritual healing. They used music and sound to also heal the body of certain mental and physical illnesses. Although today there is scientific evidence that music has great power in healing, many are either not aware of it or they are not interested.

Oliver Rajamani is a daily practitioner of yoga and meditation. He began his journey of yoga with a focus in music and meditation in India. As a music teacher and professional touring artist he focuses on transmitting the ancient knowledge of nada yoga to his students and audiences. Rajamani has worked with leading psychotherapists internationally and has been an invited guest to the International Hypnosis Conference held in Germany and a presenter at the “German/Nepalese Medical and Psychology Congress” in Nepal. He has presented Nada yoga workshops in India, Germany and USA. He teaches regularly at the Music Therapy Center in Austin, Texas.

Dance on Water

Rajamani with other leading teachers offer a retreat including hatha yoga, nada yoga, drumming workshops, early morning devotional song, camping, hiking and more.

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