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“Flamenco India” is an innovative musical journey into the deep and historical Indian roots of Spain’s Gypsy flamenco created and guided by award winning artist “Oliver Rajamani”

Consisting of a colourfully large ensemble of Rajasthani Langa artists from the Indian Thar desert, dancers from the Indian and Flamenco traditions, flamenco guitar and singers and a boutique western string orchestra, this presentation carries the magic, passion and the spiritual beauty of both the Indian and the Romani (Gypsy) cultures. India is the original cultural and ethnic homeland of the Romani people commonly known as “Gypsies”. Appearing in Europe in the 14th century, the term "Gypsy" comes from the misbelief Europeans held that the Roma were Egyptian.

With “Flamenco India”, Rajamani, accompanied by his eclectic ensemble enhance the Indian lingo to the flamenco experience with new rhythmic, melodic and dance structures. Rajamani’s “Flamenco India” album is musically supported by Spain’s legendary Romani flamenco artists Jeronimo Maya and Tomasa La Macanita including India’s legends Ustad Shujaat Khan, Ustad Aashish Khan, folk artist Chinna Ponne and Langa singers. Scholarly support and recognition comes from the Romani Congress UN representative the honourable Dr. Ian Hancock.


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