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Album Review (German Text)

Gypsy People Genetic roots in India Part 1

Gypsy people Genetic roots in India Part 2

Roma (Gypsy) - Wikipedia articles about the Roma Culture

Roma (Gypsies) of Texas - Article about the Roma Cultures' transistion to Texas - For hypnosis and counselng services

Linda Hughes Photography

Emerald Moon Photography by Michelle Laviollette

Joseph Santori - Graphic Design for Oliver Rajamani Webpage, Music, Painting and more

Naga Valli music

Voice of Roma - Cutural, educational and humanrights Organization for Roma based in San Francisco, California

Jim Reeves - Country Legend

Dotschy Reinhardt - Granddaughter of the famous Django Reinhardt

James Last - German Composer and Musician

The Ventures - American instrumental Band

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