Oliver Rajamani

Oliver Rajamani,is a Texas musician. Critics distinguish him for having redefined Roma(Gypsy) music by taking it back to its original roots in India, the historic homeland of the Roma(Gypsy), as well as blending Indian and Roma music with Texas blues, country and western classical music. He has thus created an unique Texas musical sound of his own which he calls “Texas Gypsy”. Rajamani's music is a sound that is at once foreign and familiar. Drawing upon ancient Eastern traditions, his music resonates in a deep place within its listeners, while remaining accessible and satisfying to the foreigner’s ear.

Rajamani's unique musical sound is the synthesis of ancient traditional elements of the 'Romani trail.' From India's melismatic folk and spiritual chants, strings and drumming to the raw Arabic tones of the oud, to the spirited torch of traditional Roma (Gypsy) flamenco to the lonestar country and blues sound of Texas. Rajamani takes his audience on a spiritual and historic musical journey from India through the Middle East into Europe portraying the journey taken by the Roma (Gypsies) from their homeland of India to their first recorded appearances in Eastern Europe in the 14th century. Rajamani sings in various exotic languages such as Tamil, Marwari, Spanish, English and more. He blends the eastern musical elements with western musical elements such as Texas blues and country and classical strings bringing his audience to his personal life in Texas. Austin, Texas is home to some of the most important historical archives of the Roma(Gypsy).

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