Donations for Flamenco India

"Flamenco India" Rajamani's groundbreaking album and documentary movie, features leading flamenco artists from Spain and folk artists from India. Rajamani is requesting your kind financial support to produce this innovative, historic and educating musical project. Rajamani has been one of the very few artists in this world to bring voice to the Indian roots of flamenco and Romani culture before it became a broadly accepted fact today. Being the first Indian flamenco artist to truly take back Gypsy flamenco to its ultimate ancient roots in India, Rajamani has created his own sound while adding new musical and dance elements to traditional flamenco. Flamenco India is a deep mystical wail that calls into every human soul and their own journey. "Flamenco India" is not fusion music. It is rather a continuation of culture and music with a common ancient history. It is Rajamani’s spiritual connection to his ancestral homeland of India and his connection to the ongoing saga of all immigrant people who survive hardships and create a new nation, home and perception for others to mimic, experience and enjoy. Thank you for your support!


Flamenco India - contributions Flamenco India Contributions Your heartfelt "Flamenco India" financial contribution will raise awareness in the historical and cultural education of the misunderstood Romani(Gypsy) culture. Flamenco India voices the ongoing saga of all immigrants who struggle to create a new nation, tradition and hope for others to experience, mimic and enjoy. Flamenco India is a haunting wail echoing deep through the valleys of every being who is on a journey in the physical or spiritual relm. Your support and contributions help keep the gardens of our minds, communities and nations well watered. Thank you!



Oliver Rajamani is credited for taking Romani (Gypsy) music back to its roots in India and creating his own sound and sub genre entitle "Flamenco India". He has also blended Romani(Gypsy) and Indian music with Texas music traditions. Singing in English, Spanish and other exotic tongues Rajamani’s music resonates in a deep place within its listeners. Rajamani has been featured on BBC NPR Radio amongst many other international TV and radio stations as well as music magazines. In addition to his successful solo career, Rajamani has performed and recorded with many international artists. To name a few: Willie Nelson, Gypsy Kings, Edie Brickell, Glen Velez, Eric Johnson,L. Shenkar, Chinna Ponne, Jeronimo Maya, Tomasa la Macanita, Paco De Lucia, Dotschy Reinhardt from the famous Django Reinhardt family and many many more. Rajamani is an international touring act, the 2014 nominee of the prestigious German world music award in the European Charts, the 2008 nominee of the USArtist Award and a Austin world music award winner.